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Our Story

Always Tyrants is a hard rock band from Fremont Nebraska, but for the members of the band it’s more than a musical group, it’s a family with deep roots. Consisting of Matt Bechtel (vocals), Alec Windeshausen (guitar), Caleb McGowan (Bass), Alex Iniguez (drums), three of the four members grew up together as childhood friends were you could often find Matt, Caleb, and Alex outside bmxing and roughhousing together. As a kid Alex took drum lessons and joined the drum group Sheltered Reality, who uses drumming and dance moves to play for audiences, usually in low privileged areas.In middle school he had his first jam sessions with Matt and a friend who could play guitar in his parents living room. While Alex and Matt formed their first band together Alec was learning guitar and watching local bands play at the bar his father owned. At the ages of 15 Alec and Matt met at Mac’s Cafe where they worked together and formed a tight bond, loving the same music and sharing unforgettable experiences at work that would later make there way into the music they would create together. “It was a crazy place” Alec says, “Mac’s exposed us to every walk of life and really opened my eyes to a to of hardships and drug abuse problems that some people endure. It was my first job and gave me a taste of the real world.” Matt had the same experience but also surprisingly learned a lot musically there too. 

“They knew I wanted to be in a band so they would give me stacks of CDs to listen to, they wanted me to understand where the music I listen to came from. I would listen to these CDs and come back to work and sing my favorite songs to them while working to try to impress them, to show them that I did take my homework seriously.” 

After finding out Alec played guitar Matt asked him if he wanted to jam together sometime, which became a experience Matt would never forget. “I remember bringing my guitar into his parents garage and seeing him stand there with this crazy looking monster edition ESP LTD guitar that someone left at his dads bar one night that he kept” recalls Matt, “And he just started shredding these crazy riffs that I could not believe. I still remember the first time I met him and he was so meek and shy but with this guitar he was loud and crazy and he tore it up, I came in there thinking I was going to show him how its done and he just completely blew me away. I just sat there and was like ‘hey do you know guns n roses? What about Motley Crue? Do you know that song by J. Geils Band?’ It was insane how quick he could learn songs.” 

Although they had a good jam session it would be a few years before they would strike up a band. “I was already committed to another band I really wanted to work with but I kept a mental note of Alec, there was no way I was going to forget that.” Matt says. 
After graduating high school each member took a separate route, Alex went to school and became a paramedic, Caleb went to college, Matt joined the work force, and Alec went to college while still working at Macs Cafe. Fortunately they all kept in touch and starting a band with Alec was something Matt still had a desire for, even after he hadn’t done anything musically for a couple years. After losing a race for City Council, Matt decided it was time to focus on what his heart desired all along. “People were like ‘oh you only lost by 50 votes, you’ll easily win next time, you’ve got a bright future in politics just go to school, get a degree, run for office and you’re guaranteed a future in politics.’” It was a good idea, but it was an idea that did not make Matt happy and brought him no peace. Losing the race was just the motivation he needed, after convincing Alex to buy a drum set he made a phone call to his friend from Macs Cafe. 

“I was just standing there at work one day and the phone rang” Alec remembers, “I said ‘hello?’ and on the other end I hear ‘Hey man it’s Matt, hey do you want to be in a band with me? We’ll play hard rock and music you like.’ I said yeah that’d be cool and we set up a time for me to come over to his house and we had our first practice.” 

At the first practice things were far from comfortable or easy. Alec had to borrow a microphone that Matt plugged into a guitar amp to sing through. And Alex had to sit on a bucket to drum and didn’t have the necessary drum equipment such as a bass drum petal. But there was still a connection there in that first basement session as they created three original songs: What Did You Say?- a song Matt wrote the lyrics to when he was 18, Greed- a song that made it on their first demo and is about greedy psychopaths who aren’t afraid to screw people over for their benefit, and The Antrim Anthem- a song about an old coworker from Macs who found himself in jail. The only thing missing was a bass player who they soon found in Caleb. 
“I was with Alex and Matt at a guitar center” Caleb said, “We were standing by the bass section and Matt just pointed to a bass and was like ‘I would let you be in my band if you played bass, actually dude if you just BOUGHT a bass you could be in the band.’ I bought one not long after that and spent a month in my room just practicing ACDC songs and watching videos on Youtube and next thing I knew I was in the band.” 

“When he showed up to my house holding a Jaguar bass I knew it was a match made in heaven because i’ve always thought Jaguars were the most badass bass.” Matt laughed. “Plus Caleb’s always lived a pretty hard rock life.” 
After Caleb joined the band began practicing multiple times a week, playing a few covers but mainly sticking to writing originals, using the things they’ve done, want to do, and have seen as material. After months of practice they were able to land their first gigs in Fremont, and going to a recording studio to create their first EP. The band is managing to stay busy, writing new songs, practicing constantly, finding new gigs, and sharing their newly recorded songs.


Upcoming Shows:

Always Tyrants will be playing at Shamrocks in Omaha, NE on 03/03/2017, more details will come soon